Commercial Cleaning

Your business matters to New Era Cleaning Solutions. How it looks and how it functions can be improved with our commercial services.

New Era Cleaning Solutions services (including graffiti removal) includes cleaning solutions for parking lots, parking garages, buildings, drive-thrus, dumpster pads, warehouse docks, and loading docks for a variety of commercial and military facilities.

Parking Decks
& Parking Garages

Parking decks and parking garages are prone to waste spillage and vehicle fluids. While unsightly, these can also pose fall risks for customers, employees and visitors. New Era provides hot water pressure washing and soft washing as options to restore your parking facility to pristine condition.

Roof Cleaning

Debris on roofs can come from weather patterns or the roof itself. Beyond the appearance, protecting the inhabitants and merchandise within an office building or warehouse is of utmost importance. New Era’s roof cleaning is completed with the same care of all of our services – and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rust Removal

Rust and evidence of rust can be removed from roofs, buildings, concrete, brick, metal and signage. New Era’s attention to detail and tried-and-tested cleaning solutions and surfactants eradicate the eyesore in a proven process with your complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Concrete Cleaning

The appearance of the concrete around your business is something customers and vendors notice. Beyond enhancing curb appeal, cleaning natural algae growth, spillages and leaks from vehicles can create safe passage instead of presenting hazards and forming fall risks. New Era’s commercial concrete cleaning includes graffiti removal.

Industrial Facilities

Your facilities provide a function for your business. Sometimes even when performing in their best capacity, staining from oil, food and waste can lead to safety concerns as well as pest infestations. New Era cleans industrial facilities to eliminate risk of slips and falls and enhance the appearance of your facility.

Manufacturing Facilities

When manufacturing facilities perform as intended, oil, debris and stains still occur. Our New Era team is able to clean and restore manufacturing facilities to a like-new appearance. Let New Era help reduce the risk of injury by eliminating the grime in your business.

Construction Clean Up

The construction job is done, let New Era clean up the dust, odds and ends, supplies, and scrap lumber so your crew can move on to the next job. New Era can make your site ready for inhabitants and lighten your load.

Dumpster Pads

Dumpster pads are for waste, so why do they need to be cleaned? Beyond the smell, there are obvious safety concerns at dumpster pads. Bacteria and spills create slippage and fall risks. The dirtier the environment, the bigger the risk. Keep pests away from gravitating to your dumpster pad and making their way into your place of business by maintaining a clean dumpster pad with New Era.

Drive Thru

Besides enhancing the curb appeal, a New Era team can clean up spillage, stains, oil, vehicle fluids, and weather debris on your driveway, windows, signage and awnings to protect your employees and customers from risks of bodily injury. Let New Era improve your customer service experience with a clean drive-thru!

Restaurant Facilities

Restaurants provide meals and ambience to their patrons. The customer experience begins before they even enter the door. Improve your restaurant’s appearance outside with our New Era team’s commitment to remove concrete stains caused by vehicles and spillage from patrons and employees. Restaurant facilities can also request New Era’s services for inside their dining establishment.

Entrance Ways

The entrance to your office matters to both your customers and employees. New Era can enhance your curb appeal and simultaneously lessen the risk of slips and falls by cleaning the entrance way. By removing dirt, grime, mildew, mold and other debris, New Era creates safe passage to your business.


Signs communicate who you are and what you can do for customers. New Era wants to clean off debris, remove the stains and restore your signage to the original color and function. This is your sign that you need New Era to update your first impression.


New Era’s expertise includes the cleaning of buildings – sides, fronts and backs – with either pressure washing or our soft wash process. Depending on your building’s construction, New Era takes into account the fabrication and recommends what services will best serve you. No matter what your building is made of, New Era can make it shine and sparkle like never before.