Soft Wash

For roofs, siding, decks, stucco and painted surfaces, New Era provides low pressure cleaning with cleaning solutions and surfactants to enhance and protect your home or business.

Besides the initial clean, the soft wash also helps prevent future algae, mold, mildew and grime from building up on hard – but more delicate – surfaces.


To extend the life of your siding as well as promote a long-term clean appearance, New Era recommends the gentler low-pressure soft wash. Our formula does not remove paint nor does it damage the wood. A gentler alternative for delicate surfaces, soft washing the siding makes the siding clean and is a better solution for the health and protection of the life of your siding.

Roof Wash

Roofs — whether you can see them or not — need cleaning too! Soft washing a roof with New Era removes the gloeocapsamzgma algae (commonly known as black algae). This parasite grows in the shade when rain pools in small, hard to reach places. In addition, New Era’s soft wash for roofs helps cool down attics by removing the dirt, debris and moss that can cause damage. Increasing energy efficiency and enhancing curb appeal are two great reasons for a roof wash!


Algae and mildew can eat away at wood – leading to deterioration and a breeding ground for termites. Extend the life of your deck by having New Era remove the dirt, mold and mildew on your deck. Along with removing stains and spills from entertaining, New Era can prepare your deck for stain or even seal it for you! Keep your deck sparkly clean and safe from falls year round!


Canvas, metal, plastic and wood awnings need cleaning. Extending the life of the awning with a New Era soft wash will remove debris and enhance the appearance of your home or business. Prevent premature replacement and keep people under the awning safe from falling debris with a New Era soft wash.


When it comes to brick, New Era can either hot water pressure wash OR soft wash with New Era-approved cleaning solutions and surfactants. Restoring and maintaining the original brick color as well as removing from the brick all mildew, algae and debris from weather events are achieved by both processes. The soft wash uses cleaning solutions and surfactants to kill the root of the algae, mildew and/or mold, which can help prevent discoloration in the future.

Screen Porch

Screened porches are an oasis in your home and connection to the outdoors. New Era can pressure wash or soft wash screened porches. To better evaluate which service is best for your home, New Era needs to know the flooring (tile, carpet, wood, etc.) and whether there is an exit for the water. Our team uses soft bristles and brushes screens both inside and outside the porch. Furniture can be removed and returned after cleaning for an additional fee.